Redwood Rebels Series: Book Four


They call me the reaper.

Saying I have no soul. 

A heart that’s charred black. 


I tell them it’s true,

because it is. 


I’ve been hiding in the shadows.

Stealing secrets, destroying the lives of those who deserve it. 

But there’s one story to be told before this book closes. 

My story. 


Don’t be fooled, it’s not a fairytale. 

I’m no prince.

And I certainly don’t want a princess. 

With me, she’d never get a happily ever after. 


I’d break her heart in two then serve it on a platter with a smile on my face.


I told her to stay away. 

Forced her on her knees. 

Made her beg. 

Made her cry. 

Yet, she still wants my help. 


Everything I do comes with a price. 

They call me the reaper.

And she’ll give me a soul.

Even if it’s hers I take.

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