Bastards of Boulder Cove

Dark Desires

At a school for the corrupt, we have no common ground.

Rightfully divided, we fight to find our place.


I found mine, sitting as the king of my throne.

Ruling my empire with an iron fist.

Where I walk, chaos ensues.

When darkness falls, I flourish leaving others as shadows behind me.


When my stepsister returns after a tragic accident, it seems I’ve met my match.

In a quest to end the division,

while searching for answers about the death of her boyfriend,

she sets out to change the course of my fate.


And boy does she ever.


Secret Society Enemies to lovers Bully

Savage Games

I shouldn’t be here.
Let me rephrase that…
I never wanted to be here.
I didn’t ask for any of this.
Not the society I was born into.
Definitely not the academy I’m supposed to attend.
And sure as hell not the group I’m forced to play nice with.
Unfortunately, one too many school suspensions has catapulted me into the world I swore I’d never live in.
Boulder Cove Academy: Where The Lawless reign and those beneath them are ash between their fingertips.
The three leaders of this place—Crew, Jagger, and Neo—have always been an aching thorn in my side.
When things get ugly, I have no choice but to turn to the boys I loathe.
Acceptance means I become a slave to their darkest desires.
Bones to rattle.
A mind to shake.
In the thick of it all, I begin to see the truth. They never intended to help me.
They only want to destroy me.
One game at a time.


Secret Society Enemies to Lovers Bully

Vicious Lies

At Boulder Cove Academy, three things are certain:

The Lawless Rule.
The games are dangerous.
Nothing is as it seems.

I came here expecting to face my bullies with an iron fist.

I played their games and won.

Now that I’ve earned my place, at the academy and in their home, I should feel safe.

But with every past there is a shadow and mine is drawing closer with each step I take.

I thought The Lawless were the ones I should fear, but someone far more vicious is watching.

The games should be over, but it seems they’ve only just begun.


Secret Society Enemies to Lovers Bully

Twisted Secrets

The Lawless have been many things:

My friends,
My enemies,
And now my lovers.

All but one…

Neo Saint—my villain dressed in leather with the body of a god and a heart made of stone.

He blames me for his misfortunes.

Wants me to feel his pain.

It’s time he learns I’m not who he thinks I am.

Someone is out there,

opening old wounds and creating new scars.

It won’t be easy bringing these twisted secrets to light,

but it’s the only chance we have of freedom before the darkness consumes us all.

The games might not be over,

but I’m no longer playing alone.