Redwood Rebels Series


Heathen: A Dark Enemies to Lovers Romance

Redwood Rebels, Book Two

I’ve done very bad things. 
I’m not a good man. 
There’s skeletons in my closet 
And blood on my hands.
I should be reaching for that sliver of light. 
But deep in the darkness lies the loyalty of my friends. Along with the secrets we’ve buried. 
It’s become comfortable and safe and all I really know. 
It’s all that I deserve. 
Yet, there’s someone who thinks I’m worthy of conviction. 
She’s the solemn in this chaotic world. 
Frail and pale as snow with a cross around her neck. 
She’s nothing I want, but everything I desire. 
But she has secrets, too.
And keeping hers safe means I’m forced to expose mine. 
She could be my chance at redemption. 
Or she could be my biggest mistake of all. 
“Take my hand, 
I’ll show you the way. 
There’s light in the dark. 
I’ll keep your demons at bay.”


Vandal: A High School MM Romance

Redwood Rebels, Book Three

I have a secret. 
A deep and painful secret that has been feasting on my insides. 
Clawing at my heart and lacerating it in a slow and painful agony. 
If Wyatt thinks that he can just walk into my life and rattle things up,
he’s got another thing coming.
He’s nothing to me.
Scum. Dirt. As good as dead
You see, I have a secret, but so does he. 
It’s my turn to get my revenge,
and I can already taste the sweetness on the tip of my tongue.
No questions asked.
My secret stays mine. 
His, however, is about to go up in flames.
I’ll love nothing more than to watch him burn.
He better look out, 
because this vandal is about to paint his world blood red.


Striker: A Dark Bully Romance

Redwood Rebels, Book One

I wasn’t supposed to be at that house.
I should have never wandered away from the party.
And I definitely shouldn't have pressed my ear to that door.
The words I heard play in my mind like a record on repeat.
Now, they want my silence.
The four guys who terrorize the streets of Redwood as a sport will stop at nothing to make sure that my lips are sealed.
What they don’t know is that I refuse to go down without a fight.
Marni Thorn thinks she’s holding all the cards.
She believes she’s harboring our secret.
Little does she know, it wasn’t ours to begin with.
We made a rule that she’s off limits.
But a body like that is meant to be touched.
Limits are pushed, and rules are broken.
But one thing is for certain, I have my little rebel right where I want her.

Redwood Rebels, Book Four

They call me the reaper.

Saying I have no soul. 

A heart that’s charred black. 


I tell them it’s true,

because it is. 


I’ve been hiding in the shadows.

Stealing secrets, destroying the lives of those who deserve it. 

But there’s one story to be told before this book closes. 

My story. 


Don’t be fooled, it’s not a fairytale. 

I’m no prince.

And I certainly don’t want a princess. 

With me, she’d never get a happily ever after. 


I’d break her heart in two then serve it on a platter with a smile on my face.


I told her to stay away. 

Forced her on her knees. 

Made her beg. 

Made her cry. 

Yet, she still wants my help. 


Everything I do comes with a price. 

They call me the reaper.

And she’ll give me a soul.

Even if it’s hers I take.

Reaper: A Tortured Hero Romance


Redwood High Series


Like Gravity: An enemies to lovers romance

Redwood High, Book One



Jasper rolled into my life like a loose wagon wheel—taking out everything in his path just to get to me. It was all for show, until it wasn’t. No part of me was prepared to be swept away. After all, gravity is supposed to keep us grounded. He had other plans, and didn’t give a damn about the chaos we were about to unleash. They say secrets are like a silent death. Only, I never knew the depth of it until now.


I never saw Blakely coming, but when I did, there was no chance I was letting her get away. She’s a walking disaster, always leaving a trail of smoke in her wake. And me? I’m the sorry bastard who kept following her—that is, until she sucked the air right out of my lungs, just to keep her own filled. She’s a queen through and through. A spoiled rich girl that reaps no consequences, until she did. I’m that consequence, and I know her dirty little secret. 

Like You: A student/teacher romance

Redwood High, Book Two

I’ve got everything going for me—the grades, the scholarship, the goals. I’ve had it all planned out for years. Then she came along. On the outside she has it all together—on the inside she’s damaged goods. She needs me. I just have to decide if she’s worth everything I’m about to lose. 
I came to this town to escape the claws of my past. A simple life in a small town—I just want to live under the radar and blend in. I was doing just that until Knox caught my eye. They say when you know, you know—that we can’t help who we fall in love with. The rules are pretty simple, so why am I breaking them all? I’m a teacher, and he’s my student—this can’t end well. More than just rules are going to be broken, I just hope his heart can be mended when it’s all said and done.


Like Hate: A bully romance

Redwood High, Book Three

Love causes hurt, hurt causes hate. 
I’ve learned this the hard way. 
I fell for a guy who is made up of angry bones, a dark soul, and eyes that can see my heart. 
One night changed everything. 
Now when he looks into my heart, he pulls out the weakness and he uses it to his advantage. 
He taunts me, breaks me down, and is trying to destroy my first year away at college. So why can’t I stay away?
Why am I so drawn to the boy who used to be my friend—the guy who broke my heart, and the man who wants to destroy me?
All it took was one night for me to see Harper for what she really is—a fake.
An imposter who cut me open, forced me to bare my soul, then tossed me aside without even sewing up my black heart. 
She was the first girl to ever stir emotion inside of me. It’s been a year, but I still feel the sting of what she did to me.
No matter how hard I try, I can’t escape her.Now we are away at college and she thinks she’s still part of this group we’ve had since we were kids. 
Little does she know, she’s been cut, and it’s her turn to feel the pain.



Guarded: A forbidden military romance

When I left this town, I left behind a piece of my heart.

I did it for us.

Enlisted in the army, served overseas—it was all for a better life.

A life she deserved.

A farmhouse with a white picket fence, a dog, kids—the American Dream.

Going home to her has always been the plan. I

just didn’t anticipate any other reasons for escaping this sandpit. 


Now I’m back.

Burying our dreams.

A shattered heart and no mending in sight.

Guarded like a shield to protect me from a pain that I never knew existed.

I didn’t think I could possibly move on, let alone with someone else.

And, never with her sister. 

A Dark Reverse Harem

They say family is a circle of strength.

But when mine is ripped away from me at the hands of a monster,

My strength is all that’s left.

I’ll give my last breath before they take anything else from me.

Even if I’m the one they wanted all along.

Find Silas Black.

Those were my father’s last words.

So I did.

Only, I found so much more than just a man who was prepared to help me get my revenge.

I found a tortured soul who in return gave me hope.

But I also found his broken sons.

One hates me.

One desires me.

And Silas wants to save me.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but If I keep getting caught up in the heat of the moment, I’ll be my own demise.