Ruthless Rookie

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From USA Today Bestselling Author, Rachel Leigh, comes a workplace romance set in Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s Cocky Hero Club. 




Fresh off a plane from France, I was ready for a little reprieve. 

After a wild night and a few too many drinks, I ended up in a hotel room with a complete stranger. 


I didn’t think I’d ever see him again—boy, was I wrong. 

Two days later, he walks into my dad’s office. 


He was looking for the man in charge.

Instead, he found me—the boss’s daughter. 

A few sly remarks about my family had me all too skeptical about revealing my identity. 


It’s a good thing I held back, 

because it seems he’s got an opinion about the Big Wig’s daughter, too. 






So, I let him believe I was an employee, too. 

A measly assistant with the curiosity of a cat. 

At least, that’s what he thought. 


Now I can find out why he’s painted this dark picture of my family.

And it’s time to show him that I’m more than a name in the rumor mill.


That’s all assuming I’m not exposed first.