• Rachel Leigh

⚠️⛔️Warning!!!⛔️⚠️***FOR YOUR EYES ONLY***



***Unedited and subject to change. Copyright Rachel Leigh 2022.***

Last night, from behind a tree, I watched Jagger’s hands all over her body. Saw her face when she came. Even witnessed Neo getting off on her pleasure. I saw every fucking second of it.

I was drunk and horny so I, too, got off on her rapture. My cock twitched everytime her mouth formed an o. I Imagined her juices squirting into the water as she orgasmed. I stroked my cock to one of my best friends finger fucking Scar’s pussy while our other best friend was getting himself off, too.

It was sadistic, but it was satisfying.

When I got home and my head hit my pillow, I laid alone with my thoughts, parlyzed by the memory.

Now, standing here in front of her, I see proof of what they did on her fucking neck. A rage is induced inside me that I fear I can’t control. Until that mark is gone, it’s all I’ll see. A constant reminder that Jagger was the last one to taste her skin.

Him—not me. And we can’t have that.

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