Redwood Rebels Series: Book Two


She's an angel falling for the devil.


I’ve done very bad things. 

I’m not a good man. 

There’s skeletons in my closet 

And blood on my hands.


I should be reaching for that sliver of light. 

But deep in the darkness lies the loyalty of my friends. Along with the secrets we’ve buried. 

It’s become comfortable and safe and all I really know. 

It’s all that I deserve. 


Yet, there’s someone who thinks I’m worthy of conviction. 

She’s the solemn in this chaotic world. 

Frail and pale as snow with a cross around her neck. 

She’s nothing I want, but everything I desire. 


But she has secrets, too.

And keeping hers safe means I’m forced to expose mine. 

She could be my chance at redemption. 

Or she could be my biggest mistake of all. 


“Take my hand, 

I’ll show you the way. 

There’s light in the dark. 

I’ll keep your demons at bay.”

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