Black Hearts Duet, Book Two

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When my life was ripped away from me, I found them.

Silas, Gabriel, and Baron—my hearts, my family, my home. 

Together, we’re a dangerous family of assassins, but I’ve never been happier. 


Until a member of our family goes missing. 

He went out for a simple job and never came back.

Now it’s up to Baron, Silas, and I to bring him home—but what if he doesn’t want to be found? 

What if the family he’s found is better than the one we have here?

And what if I find myself caught up in their web of lies while becoming strangely drawn to someone I shouldn’t be?

All I know is that I can’t live without my family, and I’ll do anything to keep them safe. 

Even if that means facing the truth. 


We’re nothing if we’re not together—all of us.